The plant growing enterprises of Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies form a feed base rich in vitamins and useful microelements. The quality of the final product directly depends on the feed supplied to the livestock enterprises.
In order to form and use its own feed base for livestock enterprises, the feed mills of Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies in Tver and Kursk regions produce the highest quality compound feed from their own raw materials.
Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies is included in the TOP-7 rating of national pork producers.
Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies practice dairy farming which is represented by three cattle complexes with a total livestock of over 18 thousand heads. Highly productive Holstein breed is ideal for breeding in central Russia.
The meat processing enterprises of Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies are among the most modern factories not only in Russia, but also in Europe. They meet the requirements of international quality standards and production safety.
Robotic production with the use of high-quality raw materials from our own farms and strict adherence to safety standards allow us to produce dairy products of the highest quality
Sales of products
Wholesale and retail sales of finished products are carried out by and a trade and purchasing department in 42 regions of Russian Federation.
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